White Devil Armory(2014) by Overkill

10 October 2018

New Jersey must be a nasty place both literally and figurtively because bands like Overkill really show this very well. Overkill is a Thrash Metal band that for a while has been in the underground scene of heavy metal and now with albums like Ironbound and this album, have emerged from the underground and is now part of the Thrash scene. This band is a godsend for the thrash scene because it just means more heavy and speedy and classic thrash keeps kicking. Bobby Blitz is in his fifties and man he has an incredible voice. That voice and the heavy speed of Overkill means your in for one heck of a ride. White Devil Armory is their newest albums keeping with the consistancy of the band’s thrash roots that have been present since their start in 1980. I love some of the older stuff like The Years of Decay and Horrorscope, the former of which includes the grandious Overkill epic lasting 10 minutes with such a darkend atmosphere you can’t help but love. The singles in this album, Bitter Pill and The Armorist, are testaments to the thrash scene both young and old. I sense a classic waiting to happen, actually, it already is one. If you haven’t already checked out the band, you SHOULD! Only because it’s truely an awesome sounding band.

If you love thrash metal, you will love this band and it will possibly become one of the greatest. This is a band for the ages and you will see once you listen to them. Please, I highly recommend this band to any and all metal fans out there. I give this album a 9.5/10. This has been the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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