Who Am I

4 April 2019

I am Quentin and I am a freshman in high school. I love rap music, Sports, and Social Media. In the future I want to be a rapper when I grow up and be a billionaire. I was born in Sacramento and lived in Elk Grove for 7 years and I moved to South Sacramento in the beginning of 7th grade.

I love my family they mean so much to me. In my family I have three older brothers, my mom and my dad. That’s just the part of my family that lived with me I have a lot of family. I have my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of that family. I live mostly by my dad’s side of the family. My mom side of the family is just kinda spreaded everywhere. The thing that brings us closer I think is summer because mostly everyone is out of school and I get to see my cousins and go to different places to see some of them. I love my family because we are goofy, loving, nice, caring, and always seems to be happy. They always were there for me and always supported me through anything. It’s amazing that I can have multiple of family support me it’s a amazing feeling.

Who Am I Essay Example

I’m the future I want to be the most best rapper and a billionaire. What really started my dream of being a rapper is when I first started enjoying rap music it all started when my brother was on the computer. When he finally got off of it for like a hour I got on it and then I look at the history and I saw Eminem a.k.a Marshall Mathers lll I started listening to him and I did research about him. I grow up listening to him and he was literally the only rapper I would listen to. He Inspired me to be a rapper in the future and I promised myself I would try my hardest to make my dream come true. I will make sure that it happens to I’m going to put all of my effort into my music career.

In the future I want to inspire people to just be who they are. Hear millions maybe even billions of people screaming my stage name at my performance. I want to do anything for my family get what they want and what they need. I will support them and if they are struggling I will help them get back up.

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