Who Am I?

6 June 2019

Throughout my entire life I’ve been posed with the same question: who am I? It seems that as the years go on, the question becomes harder and harder to answer. As a child it was plain and simple, as all childish things are. I am Becky and I am four years old and I like ice cream, was the typical run-on reply I would make. Due to the innocence of a child, the world always appears to be black and white, wrong or right, good and evil. Then, in my adolescent years, the questions’ answer became more clouded. I am Becky, I would state, and I am whomever you wish me to be. Everyone goes through that stage of suppression, where who you are is self-conscience of how you will be perceived. Nobody wants to feel excluded or alone, so to be safe we are “easy going” so as to make friends with whoever we see fit. Finally, there is where I am now. Nearing the end of my high school career and on the verge of emerging into adulthood, and only at the age of seventeen. It always puzzled me as to why teenagers who finish high school are supposed to suddenly take on the roles of adults. After eighteen years of being sheltered, they are finally on their own and thrown into the world to fend for themselves. It may not be as barbaric as that sounds, but it is essentially the same idea. So, on the verge of this dramatic change I once again beg the question: who am I? Well, I am eager to learn, adventurous, caring, and funny, but I am also so much more! I am fire, I am wind, I am the sun, I am a dog, I am a button. I have a fiery passion for everything I do. I am as blissful as the wind, but also strong when I need to be. I am always striving to be positive, because I know when there is one grey cloud it seems the sky is filled with them. I am as loyal as a dog and as tenacious as one too, I am not one to give up easily on something. I am a driving force who, like a button, always keeps things together. Whether it be my relationships or events in my life, I keep myself together because wherever there is a problem, there is always a solution. I am Becky and I am a puzzle. There are a million pieces, each of them unique, but when you put them all together it makes the image complete.

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