Who am I?

Those who have positive qualities to offer employers or future co-workers are the ones who get somewhere in life. The qualities that I have deemed most important to my current lifestyle are dedication and leadership. Since my childhood and continuing to this day I have been preparing and learning to acquire these qualities so that I may achieve the goals I set for myself. I try to dedicate myself to whatever I do so that the level of quality I perform to meet the standards I set as well as those I am performing for. Also, when I am not striving to meet these standards I try to help those who are facing challenges similar to mine. I enjoy teaching and leading other people so that they may achieve the goals that they set without facing too many hardships. This has been the way I do things since my elementary school years.

My entire life has been going to school five to six days a week, and they have proved to be very fun years for me. Seeing the leadership in my teachers get has inspired me to follow their footsteps. I have always tried to lead my friends to make sure that what they do is the right thing. This made me think that since I like school and being a leader that being a teacher might be the career for me. Fortunately, I recently have been able to try out the field of education. Every other Saturday during the school year my church has religious education classes for students up to eighth grade. After I finished being a student there I still came back to help. This past year I even had the chance to substitute teach for a classroom of third graders. The class was two and a half hours and I had planned a whole lesson for them. The whole experience was a fun and an exciting chance to get involved with teaching. I knew this when toward the end of the class one of the students said to me, β€œAre you going to be our teacher again next time?” Unfortunately, that was the last time I taught for them, but that experience made me feel I would be good in this field.

Everything I do in my life I try to give it my best to make sure that I can be satisfied with my performance. My dedication is what has made me the most successful at things that I take part in. To keep my level of performance at a decent rate I set standards for the work I do. This is important to me because having these standards keeps me focused on the goals that I set and makes sure they are worth the quality that is deemed well done. The thing that I put most of my dedication into is hockey. I have been playing for a couple of years and I want to be at a level that I can keep increasing. For most of my life I have just been academics, so this opportunity shows the other sides of my capabilities as a person. I remember when I was younger how I would be one of the last ones picked, and usually I would bring down the team. That was one of the worst feelings I ever had. Since then I practice and dedicate myself to being worth having. Now when my friends and I line up I can proudly hear, β€œWho do you want to pick first? I’ll take Anthony.” Since then I try to make my time and efforts worth something.

Everything that a person learns or tries to learn all begins when they are a child. They learn about new things, adjust to those things, and try to make themselves better through time. It has become my goal to do exactly that. I am trying every day to take what I am given and make sure that is going to good use. Thanks to my two most important qualities, leadership and dedication, I have continued to prove to that through all this time and effort things begin to get done. People, businesses, and schools will be looking for the people who are able to adjust to the difficulties faced in them. I am glad that I have tried different aspects of activities through my life such as school and sports because now I am more aware of the difficulties that can arise. Mental and physical stress are things that affect people every day, but how much it affects them depends on their dedication to get up and keep moving forward.

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