Why Blame Mexico?

5 May 2016

A mexican author by the name of Fred Reed wrote an article called “Why blame Mexico?” that discusses american immigration and its policy. His argument is that the United States has brought illegal immigration upon itself.

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The United States looks down upon the Mexican Immigration laws but does very little to help stop the illegal immigration according to the article. Illegal immigration is final and there are many reasons for that. For example, there are no penalties for illegal immigrants who get caught.

Another reason for immigration is because we put the immigrants to work, instead of not letting them work at all. The government play a big role in illegal immigration, immigration is what they want.

They favor immigration because they feel it’s the right thing to do. It is also cheap dependable labor. Between the two countries, Mexico has a more reasonable immigration policy. To live in Mexico all you need is a valid tourist visa that shows you entered the country legally and an income of 1,000 dollars a month.

Fred Reed’s article about immigrant controversy has caused great impact for a long time over the years in the United States. Mr. Reed explains that all the problems that Americans blame the Hispanic or Mexican people are just a matter of finding all the benefits that being on this side of the border can offer them.

Some people blame immigrants for lack of jobs in the United States, when in reality those immigrants do all the dirty job Americans wouldn’t like to do. A lot of businesses as Reed mention are daily searching for workers and the only ones they find are immigrants or Mexicans. If Americans were so willing to look for jobs then they would have found one.

Americans believe that immigrants are criminal, who have broken the law to sneak into our county. Americans have created these laws, and they have found ways around them. This is an interesting standard justice for a nation that sees itself as fair.

The Government made a mistake, so its either go against everything America stands for, or welcome them into our country and make them do as we do. Mexico is a country, not a prision. It has no right to enforce American laws that America refuse to enforce.

Bear in mind that the United States is far more powerful than Mexico, and far richer, and that America are by nature meddlesome. At the national level the US tries to impose democracy and dictate social policy in all sorts of countries. Neither the US nor most of its people grasp that some things are simply not their business.

For the reasons stated above, illegal Mexican immigration in American is irreversible. So it is no one’s fault but our own because there are not enough strict regulations for the illegal immigration laws. Keeping immigrants out would once have been easy, but we didn’t do it. You could have fined employers a thousand dollars a day for hiring illegals, half of it to go to whoever turned the employer in; denied them all services, and deported them.

Mexicans are human beings just like us, who knows why they came here? It can be for different reasons. Some may come to run away from their past or something like that or something similar. Others may come to find a better job, start a new life or just look for something better for their families. Today, taking things away from people who have lives in the States and kids in the schools would be brutal.

And of course they soon come to have the votes to make deportation impossible. Even though im an american citizen, I agree with Mr. Reed. Don’t blame Mexico for having an immigration policy more sensible than yours.

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