Why College Education Is Important to Me

6 June 2018

As individuals we are all from different medium of life and cultural backgrounds; however the importance of education is an attribute that we all seem to have in common.

As stated by Manual Oaks in November, 24 2011 article; “Venn I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my school years, the grounding years of anyone’s education. ” am of an international background and was awarded a scholarship to continue my athletic career in the United States, at first was all caught up in sports and did not pay much attention to my academic portion of my studies. Ad the excuses- we had a rough training session today, I can do it morrow, my schedule doesn’t allow much for studying, and any other ones you could think of. I had no balance between the two and obviously my choice was athletics because, it got my undivided attention. I performed in academics just enough to stay on the track team. As Mark Lee mentioned in his article dated October 7th, 2008 “Education not only trains human minds, it also assists us to make the right decision. One can say that education essentially rationalize us.

This hits close to home for me, lost my athletic scholar due to a hamstring injury at one of the most important track meet of my career and loss my scholarship. With my current GAP was not allowed to continue my education unless I paid for it myself, and had to drop out of school. Felt like a failure and being the oldest of three children’s also not a good role model for my family. I was doing exactly what my parents advised me not to do. I returned home pick up the pieces and move on.I enrolled into a hospitality management program back home and spend all my spare time tidying which proved successful as I received an Academic scholarship to finish my education in the United States. Made the best us of my education the second time around and completed my studies.

There are wasted years that can’t take back now but, it will always be a life lesson that I can share as my experience with regards to my educational journey. A college education is extremely of great importance for me because; in order to be successful in life we need to have an education that will later lead to career goals Of our hooch.

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