Why College

2 February 2019

I fell in love with college the minute I entered the 8th grade- the same moment I knew
for certain I wanted to be involved with art for the rest of my life! I really want to attend college, but when I tell an older person that they ask: Why? Why college? A younger person or peer of mine when hearing that question thinks: What kind of question is that?! Why else would I want to go to college? College is opportunity!

Although in truth it makes sense to understand why one wants to go to college.

I want to move forward to college to further my education. I’d like to further my abilities in the arts – such things as creative writing, drawing, singing, playing guitar, acting, screenwriting and poetry! I want to major in Game Art and Animation this will give me the opportunity to develop characters and their stories- which I do now through drawing. I’d love to be as recognized in the game industry as Bill Gates is known in the computer world! I crave for a sort of busy life style. I always want to be occupied by something new, so Game Art won’t be the only thing people will know me for! All of the arts I’m indulged in are not just hobbies. I plan to make careers out of every single talent I have, developing each talent to the fullest!

I think as I get older my curiosity expands to heights I’ve never thought possible! I remember being in the 3rd grade and my favorite teacher of all time-Mrs. Edwards- said certain things to us in Spanish. She would say things like “sientate por favor” and “Gracias”. I never understood why she did this, but now I do: She wanted to expand our little brains and show us that there was more to the world than “our hood” in Philadelphia PA. I thank her greatly for that! Back then I didn’t really care for anybody else’s culture, but now I’m teaching myself Japanese and learning Spanish! I’m now very interested in almost every language except English! Culture is a very important part of life and college will help me to explore different cultures to a deeper extent.

College is also an opportunity to meet new people and go new places. I’m definitely looking forward to attending college outside of Philadelphia. I believe being in a different environment will inspire me to learn and create. I want to feel comfortable wherever I choose to go; surrounded by people who have hopes and dreams for their futures and even more individuals willing to help others accomplish dreams! I wish to inspire future generations just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and President Barack Obama have! The next generation of kids with dreams will be the future, just as I am a part of the future today!

I believe college is vital! I’d hate for anyone to be so stupid that they think they could get away with just a high school diploma- especially in our current economy! Completing any major goals will be hard if you’re flipping burgers somewhere- I’m not saying it’s impossible , but it is a lot harder than trying to make a living with a college degree! If someone goes to college they could end up in a lovely career! College is filled with hard working students and teachers that are very willing to help!

I know college will take a lot of time and dedication, but I am ready to take it on as both a challenge and a fun experience!
So college here I come!

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