The public did not like the aggressive nature of Hitler’s ambitions. 3)Australians WANTED to support Britain. 4)It was a show of strength in an attempt to persuade Hitler to back down. 5)Germany and Japan directly threatened Australia’s security. 6)It was the right thing to do. )By acting decisively Australia hoped to persuade other commonwealth nations to join Britain as well and to show the general population that Australia was serious about this war.

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The one reason all Australians agreed upon for going to war was that Hitler and Germany were doing the wrong thing and the right thing to do was stop them invading countries. 9)The common theme on both sides of parliament was that Germany ruling other nations by force must be resisted. 0)There was a unity in deciding to support Britain from the Government. There was much discussion and debate on HOW we would support them. Where did Australians fight?

The first contingent to leave Australia set sail for the Middle East in January 1940. Australians fought all over the world as part of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (AIF), Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) or in other Empire forces. Britain – Battle of Britain 1940 oNorth Africa – Battle of Tobruk and El Alamein oGreece and Crete – Germans invaded Crete 1941 oSingapore – 1941-1942. Singapore invaded by the Japanese. oBurma – 1942 – Australian troops engaged in campaigns to prevent the Japanese invasion oAustralia 1942 – Darwin bombed for the first time.

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