Why Do Crack Dealers Live with Their Mothers Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Discussion: The treatment was a comparing between a pack and a concern. Sudhir Venkatesh is William B. Ransford’s Professor of Sociology and writer of “American Project” and “Gang Leader for a Day” . Sudhir risked his life to analyze a pack in a lodging undertaking in Chicago where he was held surety for a dark and went back the following twenty-four hours and was so allowed full entree to their lives and fiscal records. Based on the informations collected Steven compared the pack to McDonald’s because their orc charts are similar get downing with the highest place to the lowest place. He besides found that the rewards were like McDonald’s rewards. The lowest paying occupations in the pack where the most work and came with the highest hazards.

Steven came up with an one-year decease rate per individual. the pes soldiers which are the members in the pack that are at the underside got a rate of 7 % . Inmates on Death Row got a 2 % one-year rate. Inner metropolis black teens during the cleft extremum got a 1 % rate. U. S. military in Iraq got a 0. 5 % rate. Steven besides felt that the pack had great Marketing skills the members would flim-flam people into believing that if you joined the pack you could hold all the luxury autos. jewellery. and money you wanted. But the image the pack presented was all an semblance none of those material things were theirs. the autos were leased the jewellery was of inexpensive quality and the wage was non good at all. In world you risked your freedom and most significantly your life for $ 3. 50 an hr.

Why Do Crack Dealers Live with Their Mothers Essay Sample Essay Example

Recommendation: I recommend reading Sudhir Venkatesh’s “American project” and “Gang Leader for a Day” to acquire a better apprehension of Venkatesh and Levitt’s research and survey.

Learned: I learned that gang life is a batch more organized than people think it is and it truly does non pay every bit good as people hope.

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