Why Do so Many People Fly with Air Asia?

4 April 2018

A young Asian brand gone global, Air Asia is the World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier and the Airline of the Year for 2009 & 2010. Being the best in the industry and the top digital brand in Asia, Air Asia now flies to over 70 destinations in 19 countries. In general, the findings show that most of the respondents agree that the price of the Air Asia’s ticket is reasonable and it is making flying possible for everyone. The main finding is to find out that why do so many people fly with Air Asia.

Based on the data collection from the questionnaire and the bar chart show in appendices 2, there are 86% of people who know about Air Asia airlines. Toward this analysis we obviously know that the popularity of Air Asia in Malaysia. Besides that, there is 76% of people had fly with Air Asia before and the major passengers were among teenagers. This shows that the air ticket of Air Asia can be afford by different stages of people even teenagers.

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This is because Air Asia is Asia’s first low-cost carrier compare with other airlines.

There is no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept of Air Asia so that affordable air travel can become a reality. People who fly with Air Asia just need to pay for only what they need. Air Asia lets customer choose what they truly need on every single flight so that there is no extra cost and burden for the customer. This is why so many people choose to fly with Air Asia and agree that the air ticket of Air Asia is more reasonable compare to other airlines.

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