“Why Do the Aged Live in Aged Care Facilities”

4 April 2017

“why do the aged live in aged care facilities”. The reason I decied on this question was from personal experience that I have always wanted to discover . ever since I was little I was taken by my mother to give out eatser eggs and talk with the aged many time I would think to myself why are they so sick ? why are they here? Do they not have children to live with ?. When I was quite young every week I would visiting my great grand father who was living in an aged care home, I remember holding his hand arund the court yard and speaking to other patients that lived there.

At one stage he punched my cousin in the face I never was told this until I much older this was because of alzhimers. Even then I would wonder why my grandmother wouldn’t let him stay at her house and why he died shortly after he was living in the home.

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I never got to say goodbye. As I have become older and hearing about the aged in my school topics such as community and studies I thought that it would be the perfect chance for me to fulfil a long lost question . My study revolves around the factors of wellbeing which links into the syllabus of community and family studies.

The definition from the text book of community and family studies is thought that “the aged is made up of people over the age of 65, there main concerns are there health such as there hearing my decrease ,deteriorating eye sight,there physical capabilities are decreased due to very poor diet intake. Loneliness may be encounted due to the lose of spouse or friends because of illness and death. this links into there self esteem deteriorating, feeling worthless which develops int there skills diminishing.

All elements of there wellbeing such as physical, mental,socio-emotional ,safety and security , and economical needs are changed through age. These factors all relate straight back to and concludes Maslow’s hierarchy of self-actualisation , esteem needs,social needs e. g. love and belonging ,safety needs e. g feeling of self security and physiological needs e. g. food ,water and shelter. Through the resreach of secoundary and primary needs I want to find a concluding answer to my hypothesis question “why do the aged live in aged care facilities”.

Over a period of nearly 5 months I have collected a series of information to conclude my hypothesis question “ what are the reasons the aged live in aged care facilities” through research of both secondary sources and of my own research of primary sources , the following results have come from the thoughts and feelings of people on an outside view. In the survey taken of 24 people there were agers ranging from 16-60 years, there where five questions asked starting from the following below: How many people in your family have been placed in aged care facilities” years 16-26 said that 2 have never known of anyone in aged care facilities , 3 knew around 1 to 3 people and a small proportion

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