Why I Enrolled in College

4 April 2017

Why enroll in college? It’s a question thousands of graduating high school students will ponder every year. This was also a question I had to ask myself many years ago. In making such a decision there are many things to think about. What do you want to get from a college education? Is there a certain degree that you are striving for? What challenges are there that could possibly be in the way of you meeting your goal? Over and over again students attend college just to attend. They never have a real focus on what the end point should be.

It is important that you set a goal, and stay motivated. When I graduated from high school I had already been enlisted into the Air Force under the delayed enlistment program, but still had the choice to go forth or cancel my enlistment. When finally making my choice I decided to join the military and forgo college life.

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My years in the military have been great for me and my family, but as with everything, there comes a time when you are at the end of a career. In my case, while still being somewhat young, opportunity is available to embark on a second career after retirement.

Currently I am attending college in somewhat of a rush. Being a big procrastinator I regret not maintaining a schedule of courses while having the opportunity to do so. Over the past 20 years I took a class here and there, but never stuck with it. Now with my impending retirement the realization has hit that working on my degree is a must. Why continue? Well, for several reasons. To begin with, the personal growth that is gained from college is immeasurable. For example, during my military career I always strive to learn something new every day.

Whether it be a new computer technique, or maybe gaining knowledge from a supervisor or friend. In a similar manner while attending college, one would hope that you can’t help but learn something as long as you keep an open mind and put forth the effort. Along with personal growth, college assists you in being qualified for a good job, be that you’re first, second or even third career choice. In general, people with higher education have an easier time qualifying for employment. Most higher paying jobs require that you have a degree related to your field of choice.

It literally pays in today’s world to have a degree. There are many positives in attending college, whether it is an online course or physically attending a class. The first, and most important, is to receive a higher level of education. With some fields, for instance, mathematics, history, philosophy or literature, it is given that you can gain knowledge in these fields only from a university or local college. To gain increased knowledge, especially a professional knowledge for a specific job or career position, college level education is a must in today’s world.

Another experience, sometimes unexpected, is the connection with classmates and in some instances a growing friendship with those individuals. After all, for that moment in time (or class term) you are all striving for the same goal. That goal may be to pass a course with the highest attainable grade which requires a certain motivation. This thought brings me to learning motivational skills. When with others you tend to push yourself more as you see others progressing. This may help your motivational skills in that you see others accomplish or learn something new, so you to want to do the same.

What kind of skills you ask? For instance, speaking, writing and even teaching skills can be picked up from your daily interactions with fellow students. As people progress you see those who tend to stand out more. You have strong speakers, your quiet writers, and those students who pick up on the subjects faster than others Even with all this knowledge being gained and shared there can be challenges to college. As for challenges, there can be many. Having the time to attend, motivation and money are the most common.

One challenge, or in my case excuse, is time. No one seems to have time for school. Think about it. You and your spouse work a full time, you have children who are also in school themselves, and oh by the way have extracurricular activities going on. When do you have time to go? Well thankfully, there are so many options today that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Instead of going to school fulltime, go part time. Most colleges offer programs in the evening and even on weekends.

Some give classes where you work or in neighborhood churches and community centers. And as I am doing, you can also attend online at somewhat your own pace. However, even with online courses, you do need to have the motivation to set aside appropriate time to meet your course requirements. Without proper motivation you may find it hard to keep pace. With time and motivation on your side, you are ready to go right? So where will the money come from for college? You have the time, you have the motivation, but can you afford to go to college?

Unfortunately not everyone can afford to attend a university or local college. In these instances, there are many avenues available to obtain money. Financial aid is among the top for a lot of people. It never hurts to apply for and financial aid if you qualify. There is also money available from the federal government, from your state and believe it or not from the college at which you have applied to. Take advantage of the funding that is available for you. Why did I enroll in college? The reasons are plenty, and I have briefly discussed a few.

Attending the college of your choice can help in your personal growth, job opportunities and for some they may be the first in their family receive a degree. Along the way you will meet many people striving for the same outcome as you. Take advantage of this. Learn motivational skills from your instructors and classmates which can be utilized in the job market. Overcome the challenges you meet. Time, motivation and money seem to be the most common. However, regardless of your challenges, stay focused, research your opportunities and you will find that there are ways of attaining your colligate goals.

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