Why I hate Lady Gaga. by Lady Gaga

8 August 2019

My taste in music is pretty broad in my opinion. My CD collection does not only fit into one type of music genre. I enjoy listening to hard rock bands such as Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and don’t even get me started on my obsession with The Smashing Pumpkins. Other rock bands I am fond of are Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. But you would also be able to catch me rocking out to the Jonas Brothers on many occasions. As far as hip hop goes I love the Black Eyed Peas, Drake ane Lil Wayne. And who doesn’t enjoy some good old bubble gum pop every now and then. Like the A-Teens, Hillary Duff, and Aly and A.J. And older music is always good to listen to like Queen, The Beatles (of course), and Led Zepplin.

But even in the midst my musical taste, I find myself growing to hate one specific artist the more I hear her music. And she is Lady Gaga.

Why I hate Lady Gaga. by Lady Gaga Essay Example

I’ll admit, when I first saw her I thought she was cool. I thought she was very sure of what type of artist she wants to be, I thought she was original, and I thought her music and beats were catchy. But to me, thats as far as her music goes. It’s catchy. And that is all.

When someone says “I want my fans to remember me for my music and I hope it gives them a sense of belonging when they felt like they didn’t,” I would think of an artist like The Beatles, or Radiohead, or even Nirvana. Lady Gaga would never come to mind for me. But that is a quote she sadly said about herself.

I have to say she looks more original than other pop artists out there, but her lyrics are pure trash. They are disgusting and meaningless. A song about having sex with a man and thinking about a women while your in bed with him is not something I would ever want to be remembered for. Yes, that is what Pokerface is about. I bet most of you did not know that. To me those lyrics are demeaning and filthy. And lyrics like “I want to take a ride on your disco stick” are atrocious. I don’t know how any woman can sing a lyric like that with dignity.

One of my favorite lyrics of all time is a line from a Smashing Pumpkins song – “The more you change the less you feel.” Billy Corgan (the lead singer and lyricist of The Smahing Pumpkins) has been called a lyrical genius. In Rolling Stone Magazine, he made the cut in the top 50 best lyricists of all time. Of ALL TIME! And that one line has so much meaning and dynamic to it. You can interpret it in so many ways and most people can relate to it in some way.

And I know, I know. Lady Gaga is not in a rock band. She is a pop artist. But if you ever hear her talk about her music, she talks about it like she is writing something Shakespeareian. She acts as if she deserves to be compared to Bob Dylan. I would have more respect for her if she would call her music what it is. Catchy sexually-driven pop. That is all it is. And nothing more. Just because someone wears make-up that looks like it has been put on with a paint roller, wears clothes that look like the sewing machine has blown up, and never smiles does not make them a real artist. To me, music is about self expression. Lyrics are supposed to be poetry. And I know what Lady Gaga is trying to express when she says “Stop calling, stop calling, I don’t want to talk anymore.” It means she does not want to talk to her boyfriend while she is at a club. Not exactly a deep lyric in my book. I have yet to hear a Lady Gaga song that has a true, meaningful lyric in it.

This is just my opinion. So please do not eat me alive if you like Lady Gaga.

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