Why I love basketball

Basketball is my life and the focus of my dreams. Ever since my father introduced me to the sport, I have been passionate about it. When I was four, I received my first Fisher Price basketball court. The court was in my house and the basket was only five feet tall. My parents placed it in the living room since it was the only room in the house without carpet. I practiced shooting every day. I would wear my father’s sneakers and imitate basketball moves that I had seen on T. V.

At that age, I did not yet have any self-awareness about my potential for the port, but my father knew it was very likely to become a passion. By the age of five, my father was taking me out to the park with a basketball and I can actually remember the day I made my first basket. After that, I went on to play in basketball leagues, as well as work out with my father in gyms every night. Those were the best of times. Basketball became an important thread in my life and eventually proved to help guide the decisions I made for my future.

I had to do a lot of hard work in the eginning, but it was worth it because it paved the way for me to have the opportunity to play at the college level. When practices are hard now and the demands of being a college athlete seem overwhelming, thinking back to my earliest basketball memories gives me happiness and keeps me going. Some of the reasons I love basketball are because it is challenging, helps me improve myself as a person, and teaches me a lot about life. In this sport, I have learned how to mentally prepare myself for hardships.

When I am in a game and down two points with only a few seconds left on the clock, I know exactly which play to run. I also know how to use what energy I have left in my body and mental concentration to fght through any injury or obstacle. I have been taught to plan in advance and think two steps ahead during the game. In life, this helps me plan, organize, and execute anything I have to do to get around any obstacle that I may face. The fact that I know there will always be someone in the world who is a better player than me makes me ork harder and smarter every day.

That thought creates self-discipline in my life. I can relate everything I do in life to a principle I have learned from my basketball education. Because I have such an immense love for the game of basketball, I typically have lots of emotions before every game. The feeling I get while on the court is unique only to this game. I believe it has to do with the fact that I am deep in what I am doing and in control of my mind and thoughts, which are focused on the game while everything else is secondary.

While I am on the court competing I do not have any external worries or problems to distract me; it is Just me against my opponent. Even if I did not do well on a test earlier in the day, have family problems, money issues, or other struggles, my time on the court captures my complete attention and all those problems go away as soon the game sta rts. This is a skill that will help me become a high performing employee in the years ahead because I’ll be able to focus on the task at hand and not let myself become easily distracted.

I have always been competitive and I love to win. In anything I do I want to be good at it, or even the best. When my team wins a game I get the feeling that I helped and did all I could for my team and coaches. Winning helps me develop a sense of purpose and pride for myself and the people I represent; winning is the outcome of hard work and creates future success. The wins show me that I am doing something right in life and there is a reward for the type of commitment that leads to them. There is no better feeling than being rewarded for difficult efforts.

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