Why I Want to Be a Teacher

3 March 2017

Children are our future. Therefore, it is important to provide and empower them with the best education. Education is the foremost and profound factor on the well-being and advancement of our society. To be a teacher is very rewarding to me on a personal level. A teacher, besides their parents, plays a critical role in cultivating our children to build a better society in the future. A teacher can be a role model to her students. I would love to contribute to our society by utilizing my extensive work experience and advanced education in taking on all the challenges of the important role of being a teacher.

The teacher’s most important responsibilities are: her thorough knowledge of the subject; the ability to articulate such knowledge that is easily understood and grasped by her students; motivate her students to learn; and instill in her students the importance of discipline that will benefit them now and the future. My experience is teaching my nieces and nephews on how to ski. I motivated them by showing that skiing is a fun and healthy cardio activity. It was an easy task as I was able to prove that this sport is exciting and enjoyable; and is something I reward myself with on holidays and weekends every winter.

Why I Want to Be a Teacher Essay Example

In the beginning, they were reluctant to go through the boring lessons to learn the basics and practice. I explained to them that they must first master doing the stops, making the turns, getting on and off the lift chair and so on. I reminded them the importance of mastering these basics with extensive practice before they could truly enjoy the sport; and taking any short cut can result in injury. Another important aspect in effectively teaching them was to observe and monitor their progress – to identify where they needed help and focused on improving their weak spots.

Then I enrolled them to the appropriate morning lessons. After the class, I discussed with their instructors about their progress and what they needed to work on. Then, I skied with them in the afternoons on the level based on the instructor’s recommendation and feedback. I have been taking them to ski for the past 10 years. It is truly joyful and rewarding to see them advanced to the intermediate level today. During the last Christmas Eve I skied down the “black diamond”(most difficult) trail with my youngest niece during our annual ski trip.

As we were swooshing down the trail she turned and said, “Thanks, because of you we enjoy skiing down the advanced trails today. ” I replied, “You’re welcome young lady, it has been a pleasure and now I have myself a few skiing buddies. ” During the economic downturn in Hong Kong in 1970, my family immigrated to America. In contrast to Hong Kong, the education in this country is accessible, available, and affordable on all levels to the financially disadvantaged. My parents had worked in a restaurant and factory earning minimum wages while raising five children.

The family siblings obtained their early education within the school system of the low-income communities; and went on to gain college degrees in the bachelor science level and beyond. Higher education opened doors for all five of us in our careers. We are forever grateful to what this country’s education system has given us. From my experience, I understand the challenges of the students in the high need areas. I can be a great asset to their education by being an innovative, comprehensive and motivating teacher. By giving these students solid education, it will be vital in enabling them to realize their full potential in their future.

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