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Most students spend years trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. A typical young girl might answer “princess,” but I have known since Kindergarten that my destiny is to be a teacher. Later on in life, around high school, I came to the conclusion that not only did I want to teach, but I wanted to teach high school English. Call me crazy- most people did- but I knew that I would not be satisfied with any other career.

Lecturing over one hundred teenagers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think that is the exact reason I want to do it. I have never been known to take the easy route on anything, and a high school English class would be the perfect challenge for me. I picked high school, specifically English, because I remember sitting in my own Pre-AP English class as a freshman and thinking “Wow, this lady is crazy,” as I met my teacher for the first time.

As the year progressed and we began novel discussions, I looked forward to going to that class everyday. My sophomore year, much like my freshman year, I looked forward to the in-depth classroom conversations that I was not familiar with my previous years in middle school. Junior year, as I walked in my first AP class, I though for sure my teacher was insane. Her insanity, however, quickly grew on me. The passion that she had for the literature and the students was something I pray I can have when I am in her position. I have never been so heavily influenced by a person in my life, and that is the same impression I want to leave on my students.

Teaching is not a career for everyone; it takes a special type of person to teach. I think that is the problem with most schools today, they only search for a person who is knowledgeable of a subject. It takes more than brains to teach. Teaching requires leadership,knowledge, and passion. How can one person pass their knowledge to over one hundred people, if they are not passionate about the subject? The answer is they cannot.

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That is why I chose English.

My Kindergarten teacher taught me how to read. A few years later, she beganto let me borrow her books, and she taught me how to love what I read. Around third grade I began writing stories; it was here I knew that my future would involve reading and writing. Reading a book is like watching a really good movie to me. Books take you to your own little world. Teaching high school students allows you to share that world with them; it opens up mature discussions that you would not be able to hold with younger students. Writing has the ability to transport you into your own dimension. It allows you to change the world into whatever you desire. I believe that my passion for English and teaching will cohere to form the perfect balance.

I took the opportunity to test my teaching skills out when I signed up for the Education and Training program at my high school freshman year. By the time I was a junior, I was allowed to go off campus to a lower grade school and student-teach. I chose to be with an amazing fifth grade class. Seeing the glow in their eyes when they realized they finally understand something that they have been struggling to comprehend gave me the greatest feeling in the world. I grew so close to my students, that leaving them at the end of the semester greatly saddened me, but I knew I would get to start over again next year with a new group of kids.

I believe every person in this world is born to do something great. I know without a doubt that my great purpose is to teach. My love for English and strong desire to teach will enable me to change students lives for the better. While many teachers only teach for the benefits of not having to work in the summer, or what some would say “Getting paid to babysit,” I will be one of the few people who will do what they love to do. I will teach.

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