Why I Want to Visit South Korea

1 January 2018

With its expanding capital and traditions still deeply rooted, South Korea is a haven of serenity and modernity that will appeal to many travelers. Some reasons why i want to visit South Korea.

Visit imperial palaces of exception.In Seoul and other parts of the country, Korean palaces are majestic and incredibly well preserved. Do not miss the many temples you can visit, where you can sometimes eat something or even sleep with the monks.Discover a unique and delicious gastronomySouth Korea offers very unusual dishes for us, with foods we do not have to eat: soybean soup broth, pasta flavored with cabbage (called kimchi), whole squid and much more!Enjoy an easy destinationKoreans are famous for their organization and hospitality, and not to be missed: the metro stations are well-appointed and easy to navigate even in an immense city such as Seoul. It is a very safe country to travel with total freedom; Its inhabitants will gladly help you if you do not know where to go.Visit Seoul: the capital that never sleepsSeoul is the reason why you should visit Korea as it is impressive: in the Myeongdong neighborhood the shop signs are always on; you can drink coffee, eat, go to a sauna or even do your shopping at any time of day or night!Bathing in JejuThe island of Jeju, located to the south, is a very quiet coastal station compared to the pace of development enjoyed by the rest of the country. Many do not know, but you can spend several days enjoying the beautiful beaches of fine sand of South Korea!Make nice excursions in the middle of a preserved nature.The calm country of the morning is composed of 70% by mountains and has many organized hiking routes, scattered throughout the country to enjoy a unique and well preserved fauna.

Why I Want to Visit South Korea Essay Example

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