Why is college education important to me

6 June 2016

College education is more than important to me; it’s my number one goal to accomplish. Seeking college education would help establish a good paying career and everybody wants a good paying job to provide for them.

Digital Monitoring for courts, judges and lawyers wasn’t my dream once graduated out of high school. I was 17 years old when started and now I’m 22 years old and still doing the same job and notice that the pay was not all that great. Didn’t need a college degree for this job, all I needed was a high school diploma. I wanted more education and was hoping and wishing to get into college after high school, but everything turned to be a big disaster with family when graduating from high school. Now that I found all help to get me finally in school, I decided to attend college and start on my associate’s degree in general business.

My biggest dream is to own a business a couple of years from now. My father is a firefighter and now owns 3 businesses, which are a personal training company, security company, and a fund raising group for charities. He has accomplished a bachelor’s degree at Miami Dade College at the age of 20 years old while a firefighter. This is another reason college education is very important when trying to accomplish big things for the future upcoming. I have high expectations getting an associate’s degree in business and move up upon bachelors and masters before the age of 30 years old, and a goal I want to accomplish.

Jane Adams stated “You are never a loser until you quit trying”, I took that quote and put it in mind because it’s very true. Getting a college degree is an option; it’s a better choice to overcome so you will be happy with your major in the future. Hoping one day I get my own court reporting agency business instead of having a boss. These are all the reasons why college education is important to me, so I could live better and becoming successful, more money, and be after at the age of 30 years old and maybe take over some of my father business when he’s ready to hand them over.

Success is the key in life, a college education is important, but it’s up to the person to accomplish what they want in life. Some people are satisfied with their pay and their boss but I know for one fact that I will want much more than life and I’m only 22 years old. Everything is planned and I want to see all my friends and family proud of me for having a goal to set in life at an early age.

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