Why is the future is unwritten

1 January 2019

the future is unwritten because the future is never written as i am thinking of what i am doing after high school am i going to be a tattoo artist or a screamer or a lawyer like my brother robert c newark iii or am i going to be in a unwritten future without my life in the world. joe strummer was right the future is unwritten i would never say that if i am going to be like my brother or i am going to be like my sister forever i guess i would be a singer because i like to sing. the world is unwritten i would see childern getting hurt being scared to see the world but the teens of the world never hear of joe strummer or the clash but if a child is hurt i with be a angel and save a child’s life from danger and being a little sister i learn from my brother and my sister that the future is still unwritten for anyone i am so face the true feelings of joe strummer to heard his voice from the clash to his ideals the future is unwritten for one thing and it is all the mistakes from us the youth need to listen to joe strummer and his words of the wise from the clash city rocker.

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