Why It Is Bad to Miss Class

9 September 2016

Mike Meyer Professor Calderwood Argumentation/Debate May 22, 2013 Why it is Bad to Miss Class Missing class is never a good thing, especially when you are taking a class that meets once a week. Everyone has their excuses to why they have to miss class. You could be sick, someone happened to hit your car on you way to school; there can be a death in the family, or just didn’t feel like going to class. What ever your reason is you should always strive to make it class no matter what because you miss out on lesson, you lose the classroom experience for the day, and you get marked down on your grade.

First of all, the main reason why you go to class is so you can learn. You go to class to learn because you either are interested in the subject or you need to know the material so you can pass the class with a good grade. Students who do not show up to class get lower marks on their test and therefore they get lower grades in the class. When you are not class you force yourself to learn the material by yourself and that is much harder to do rather than having an expert in the subject teach you. Second of all, you miss out on the classroom experience.

On of the biggest advantages you have in going to class is having a teacher and classmates in a room sharing the common goal in learning. You are able to ask questions to the teacher or your classmates and you will get your answers rather than having to research for an answer on you own. Also, if either the teacher or your classmates know the answer to your question then everyone in the classroom will work together to find one. The classroom experience is one big advantage you have and not going is just making life harder on yourself.

Lastly, if you don not go to class you will get marked down on your grade. A lot of classes grade you on participation and every time you don’t go to class you miss out on points. You could also not be in class and there could be a quiz or even a test and you not being at class means you get a zero on that grade. The more you miss class, the more you miss out on points for your grade to get better, and if your missing those points your grade is not staying the same, it is getting worse. In conclusion, missing class is never a good thing.

We al have are excuses for missing class but do your best to be there every single day. If you do miss class just remember that you miss out on the lesson for that day, you lose the classroom experience for the day, and you get marked down on your grade. Going to class is always the right thing to do and if you do have a professor that will let you do an assignment, such as write a six hundred page paper on why it is bad to miss class to redeem the points you missed out on for the class, then you will wished that you went to class instead.

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