Why Movies Are so Popular

2 February 2017

Like most young guys I like movies very much. Movies in English are an effective tool for learning English. I remember when I went to New Oriental to study English I always worried about my poor listening skill. Then I accepted a teacher’s advice and started to watch some English movies. I can learn some useful words and expressions from them.

Gradually I found that English is not so difficult to understand and it became more and more interesting to me. Now I can say movies not only improve my listening skill but also make me more interested in learning English.Movies can satisfy different people’s need. Some married people like romantic movies. From those they can know what true love is. Some young people like action movies. Some older people may like classic movies that can remind the past things.

So it is obvious that movie can enrich people’s spiritual life.

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Why Movies Are so Popular
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Movie has been a part of people’s life. Who never saw a movie? I believe of course we all have. Nowadays, movie becomes a “must have it” entertainment. From children to adult, from country to city, even all over the world love watching movie. What is so good about it so it can be so popular?Well, these are some facts about movie that might answer that question. Movie is a like a description about real life.

What people see in movie usually reflects what really happens in their common life. Let’s take a romantic movie as an example. In that movie, the audiences are able to see the visualized of what happens when two peoples fall in love. It feels so real to them as they begin to picture their own life such as what’s presented on the screen. No wonder sometimes audience can cry when the movie shows a sad scene, or laugh when the fun scene appears.This could happen because they feel like what’s on the movie is so real just like in their everyday life. Unlike radio, in movie you can hear and see at the same time.

This is another reason why movie can be very attractive. It is easier for audience to understand and enjoy this entertainment as they’re able to hear and visualized the story at the same time. Nowadays, movies even made with high technologies which produce a high quality of picture and sound. Many people watch movie to see something extraordinary that is beyond their imagination.

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