Why NAFTA is Working

4 April 2015
This paper examines the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) and its involvement in the corporate community.

This paper represents the North American Free Trade Agreement and its involvement in the corporate community. The author answers the questions of what NAFTA does for big business, and how it sometimes can interfere with other regional pacts signed in Latin America.
From the Paper:

“Back when trade between two nations was mainly influenced by special interests, the experts and lobbyists agreed there could be no other way to trade. This is no longer the case in today’s global market. Corporations must now compete globally and adhere to stringent rules of trade. The reason for this is back in the 1950’s the Gross Domestic Product was just four percent, in comparison today it is at a staggering thirteen percent. Another reason for this climb is because of international capital flows, which then can range from a production standpoint, for example, building factories, to pursuits of very speculative ventures of betting against a country’s own currency. These areas have to a point, grown even more robustly. Although still another is that all areas covered under trade agreements have broadened from mainly traditional concerns with numerous tariffs, taxes, and quotas to cover labor, outside environmental problems, and state regulated health regulations. This is where NAFTA came into play.”

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