Why NYU?

1 January 2019

Knowledge is what I seek,Excellence is my pursuit,Learning is my quest,Creativity is my aim,Perseverance is my forte,And NYU is my abode.NYUAD is the abode of all my aspirations and it embodies excellence in an outstanding learning environment, in the global city of Abu Dhabi.

Growing up in the Middle East and coming from the diverse Indian subcontinent- from the beautiful valley of Kashmir; NYUAD and I have the feature of diversity in common, I believe that I will be more at home than anywhere else.Moreover, the reason why NYU is an appealing choice for my further studies is how it educates a student in different disciplines, so while I am majoring in Philosophy, Literature and Creative Writing, I will get to learn about Politics as well. Philosophy as a subject intrigues me because it is the foundation of the historical and cross-cultural ideas that have shaped our societies. My interest developed when I came across Nietzsche’s perspective of nihilism. I personally am critical of the concept and how it rejects the existence of reality and having read some lines about Nietzsche’s criticism on nihilism has made me more eager to study Philosophy. NYUAD being a research university with its high quality of American education and a center of innovation will help me explore philosophical ideas in-depth. It will enable me to develop my opinions and achieve my potential.

NYU will encourage me to continue my journey to become the most independent and self-motivated learner I can be.NYU values talent regardless of social background, like the NYU alumni Frank McCourt who won the Pulitzer Prize for his 1996 memoir ‘Angela’s Ashes’. His story inspires many as well as myself to keep trying to do my best and I feel that NYU can give me that ‘final push’ to be my best self. My passion for writing poetry germinated when I was twelve; gradually developing from frivolous rhymes to insightful interpretations of the human mind. I believe that the room for improvement in my literary skills can be abridged by NYU’s Literature andCreative Writing course and help me become a published author so I can break through stereotypes with my poetry.A major in these disciplines combined with the core curriculum will equip me better in pursuing equality, intellectual development, global citizenship and leadership thus helping me in contributing to the international society.

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