Why One Direction Is Not A Punk Rock Band

3 March 2018

For example Matthew states, “One Direction does not create controversy with songs they publish because they want to be sold world-wide so they can make as much money as possible. ” I strongly agree with this statement because none of their songs depict any problems in society, and none of their songs are very different than from what other mainstream bands are doing. One Direction works to make as much money as they can around the world, rather than performing from their heart and working to change social norms.This is evident if you listen to their lyrics and watch them live in concert. Another valid point Matthew brings up is that One Direction is not punk rock because ‘they do not stand out against political and social norms like punk bands of the past did.

” Standing out and being different than others during their time is a major part of being considered punk rock. Matthew writes a very strong paper and does a very good job of pointing out valid flaws in One Direction that pushes them away from being considered punk rock.My views are in complete alignment with the views pointed out in Matthews paper. One Direction worries too much on how others will view them and if they will make enough money, rather than working from their hearts and singing what they really are passionate about, regardless of social norms.

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