Why People Become Black Muslims

4 April 2015
This paper outlines the main reasons behind the choice of African-Americans to join the Nation of Islam.

This paper examines why so many Afro-Americans turned from Christianity to become Black Muslims in America and how the Nation of Islam offered these disgruntled individuals a different way of dealing with discrimination and hate.
“The Nation of Islam offered some African Americans a sharp contrast to the mainstream civil rights movement. Specifically beginning in the late 1920’s, and continuing up into the 1960’s, blacks living mainly in northern cities across America abandoned many aspects of their previous lives to embrace an organization and ideology with “radical” ways of acting and thinking. Why would a person become a Black Muslim? The answer is found in considering the types of individuals who accepted the Nation and the atmosphere which surrounded them. Anger and frustration can be found in the hearts of many converts to the Nation of Islam. Faced with discrimination and hate, some blacks chose extreme, violent separation over the more readily accepted non-violent call for integration.”
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