Why People Find It Easier to Do Evil Than Good by Jackson

1 January 2017

In this case some people may find it easier to do evil than good. Before looking at the reason s why people find it easy to do evil than good it is important to define first these two terms. The term good may be defined in different ways by different scholars. One of the notable philosophers, Aristotle, in Joe Jerkings’s Ethics & Religion defined good as, something that fulfils its own particular function. Sometimes good things may be defined as things that are regarded to be positive to someone or the society.

Scholars have described good as things which are associated with life, love prosperity, charity, happiness, and justice which are supposed to be done. Another British philosopher, G. E. Moore in Joe Jerkings’s book argues that “the notion of moral goodness cannot be defined or identified with any property”. In his argument he says that, goodness is a foundational and analysable property similar to the foundational of yellowness.

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This means that, Philosophers who attempt to define intrinsic goodness is a naturalistic fallacy.

On the other hand, Evil is typically associated with conscious and deliberate wrong doing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish to harm their psychological needs dignity, destructiveness and an act of unnecessary and or discriminate violence that are not legitimate acts of self-defense aggressive and designed to cause ill-being to others. The issue of evil and god is more philosophical hence requires to dealt with philosophically. The term evil in a philosophical point of view refers to as something which produces unhappiness, misfortune, harm, wickedness or depravity.

People do evil because it has easy path, is simple, to fulfill desires, sometimes it is God’s command, happiness and pleasure, free will and too much power in leaders. This essay discusses these reasons in details. To begin with, people find it easier to do evil than good because evil has the easy path than good. This simply means that people may choose to do evil just because through the use of the evil people may easily get what they need within a small period of time. Good is regarded as something to do with love, life and obedience.

For one to be successful whatever he or she is doing may either use the good way or the evil way of doing things. Human beings are always needed to be success and most of the times when one use the easy path to do a particular thing he or she fails to success then goes for the evil way. For example, from day to day experience, most workers who work in shops may use the evil way to get the things that they want and for them to achieve this, they steal some goods from the shops and sell out side. By doing this they easily get the moneys they want. They may not use the right procedures to get the things or money.

When one is using the good when he or she want to get may need, will have to follow the right procedures and this may either be fulfilled or may not be achieved because it is time consuming hence people may opt for the evil way than the good one. Apart from finding evil as the easy path, Evil is simple to do than good. This means that people may find it easier to turn into doing evil because good is hard to be achieved. It is hard to do good because this need to follow some procedures when one wants to achieve something. The reason for doing this is that of human minds are weak.

Some philosophers indicated that, human brains are born weak. Due to such kind of weakness of the mind, human beings are born lazy. Therefore, the laziness of human beings may turn them doing things which are simple to achieve than those which are hard. In so doing, people may opt for doing evil than good. In this reason, scholars indicate that, most of the times evil things outweighs the good just because of the humanity lazy nature. Therefore people may find it easier to do evil other than good because they know that through evil they will fulfill their aims in a simple way unlike good which needs much effort to be fulfilled.

Another thing that makes people to easily choose doing evil and leave good is desire. Sometimes people may go for evil than good in order to fulfill their desires. This term ‘desire’ is used to explain what one wishes to be or to do. Human beings find it easier to do evil than good in order to satisfy their wishes. Every man or woman desires to live in his or her own particular way of living and does everything in order to achieve his or her wishes. For example, two kinds of people in the society, that is to say, the prominent figures in the society as well as the ordinary or the poor people may choose the evil ways to fulfill their desires.

People may use corruption to achieve whatever they plan to do. In this case for example, world activities provide setting in which one is required to exhibit moral goodness but the actual content of these activities have no intrinsic value. Some scholars indicate that, the fulfillment of one’s duty may have beneficial consequences for one self and others but in its being a manifestation of inner spiritual state of person. This means people may do evil things like corruption in order to satisfy themselves or their desires without considering the one to be affected.

Some people have their minds fixed upon the specified actions without necessarily being conscious of the ultimate results of the acts without looking to the other side of the coin. For example, persons do what is believed to produce consequences desired by mankind whether is regarded as right or wrong and individual’s move is in a certain direction towards the desires have to be fulfilled. From this point of view, human beings can find it easier to do evil than good for them to fulfill their desires. Sometimes people my do evil because they have done so through the command from God.

Although God does not command directly to people to do evil, this is done indirectly. This simply means that people may do things through the influence of God through other people. Wayne (2006) emphasized that, ‘when David sinned, Lord told David through Nathan the prophet, I will raise up evil against you out of your own home; and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbour and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun, p. 324. From this statement it is seen that God is saying that, He shall use evil as the way of dealing with David.

From this notion, it can be argued that, some people can do evil things not intentionally, but through God’s command for him (God) to fulfill his mission on particular person. Wayne supports this notion by saying that, God uses all things to fulfill his purpose and even uses evil for his glory and for our good. This can be concluded that God can cause people to do evil then people may suit in this way. In addition to that, people may easily do evil things than good things in order for them to get pleasure and happiness. Men and women may follow the evil way because within it there is pleasure that may obtain within the society.

Some people opt to live in the luxury life and that is may be called pleasure. For example, Oliver (1999), indicated that pleasure is being said as the beginning and end of the blessed life, p. 94. Form this point of view; it can be discussed that people may get pleasure and happiness through evil. One of the great philosophers, Aristotle argued that, the claim that ultimate end of human activity is happiness. Happiness is an English word which other scholars have defined it as a psychological state or a state of feeling. Therefore, for people to get the happiness and pleasure, they usually follow the evil way.

For example, some boys and girls may do sex in order to satisfy their bodies, in which they think that it is part of their happiness. Pleasure and happiness are both concerned with the feeling of an individual. In this case people may choose to do evil which will bring happiness to their lives or bodies than the good that may deprive them to have pleasure and the happy life. Evil is also easily done because people have the will to do things. These wills controls their lives. Because of that people are allowed to do things on their own will then they choose to do evil than good.

This is known as the ‘free will’. From the religious point of view, the scholars argue that evil is good in such way that there should be a world with agents able to act freely. From this idea, some people may easily follow the evil and abandon the good by claiming that they can act the way they want because it has been written in some scriptures and that they have been guided to so. As the result people may find it easier to do evil than good. Lastly, people may do evil because they have much power. Some people through the power that they have they find it easier to do the evil than the good ones.

Some leaders may have too much power then they may abuse the use of the powers. For example, some leaders like Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin misused the powers that they had and some killed some people under their leadership. Adolf Hitler, the then ruler of NAZI Germany passed the laws called Nuremberg Laws which resulted in the death of many Jews close to six million people. During his leadership some Jews were sent into the camps which were much concentrated and these people were killed by poison gas. This kind of leadership can be called evil and according to him, this was the right in the light of goodness.

Schweiker (1995), observed that ‘to act responsibly, I argue, is not simply to respond rightly to other, p. 45. Although Hitler knew that he can do good things but because of that he had much power and easily exercised the evil (killing). To sum up, the nature of goodness has been given many treatments. One is that the good is based on the natural love, bonding and affection that begins at the earliest stages of the person development while other scholars argue that goodness is a product of knowing the truth. On the other hand evil has been discussed that evil behavior is an aberration that results from the imperfect human condition.

It is also argued that evil is attributed to the existence of free will and human agency unlike good which is a product of knowing truth, evil is based on ignorance of truth. Philosophers argue that evil is learned as a consequence of tyrannical social structure.

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