Why people keep pets

5 May 2016

Cheating which has become so common is spoiling our generation. There are different reasons why students cheat. Some students cheat for the sake of getting good marks without studying while other studies but they do not get good marks so to hide their fault they cheat.

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In our generation involves many more things rather than studies that’s why they do not aware for paper and that’s why at that time they attempt paper with the help of cheating. Students are very cleaver in the exam and do different type of cheating material are used at the examination time.

The result is not fruitful because cheating damage students carrier very easily and also bad thing for our country because students passes their paper with the help of cheating so they will pass but they will not educate.

Many reason to pass the paper with the help of cheating. One reason is that sometimes students do not get the lectures of the teachers properly so on the day of examination they have nothing to write while other do not study the whole year and a month before examination they just read the notes.

Moreover, the other reason is that in our generation involves bad things like use internet, facebook, Google, YouTube etc. so that’s why do not study and they do cheating and will pass. It is not fruitful for students because in this thing they damage their carrier simply.

Furthermore, this bad thing easily and completely damage student future. At that time student did not aware what the result in future. Because at that time student will achieve good marks with the help of cheating but he/she completely finished their skills and in future they will face the result of this bad thing.

For example, if student gets good marks in the whole study but with the help of cheating he/she will go for a job interview at that time he/she will faces many difficulties in the interview time. So be aware and trust yourself.

In addition, do not break the rules and follow the rules. Some of the students study the selective topics and to cover their course, they cheat well; we can say that it is an immoral way of achieving goal. It is unfair
and it breaks the rules to gain unfair advantage. Academically, it is extremely common in high schools, universities and collage. Students cheat to survive in a competitive atmosphere.

It is common because it is an easy way of getting through the difficult task. Some students think they cannot pass the examination without cheating, which is absolutely wrong. Even when there seems a good reason for cheating, cheating is a bad idea. Cheating is a worst thing. Students who are cheating in examinations, indeed, they are cheating to themselves.

It can have an adverse effect on the student’s progress. It spoils all the talents of a student. It should be prohibited. there are different way to prevent students from cheating, there should be an eye on student during exams, limit electronics in the classroom and understand the method which students use to cheat, this way students will become responsible and knowledgeable.

In the conclusion, cheating play a bad role in students life. They completely destroyed our carrier in our hand and finished our future himself. And if they study at school, college and university and do attention with the lecture so they will do paper yourself easily not do paper by cheating. So be trust yourself not anyone or anything.

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