Why Should Students Be Penalized for Poor Attendance

5 May 2017

Why should I be penalized for not showing up to class? This common question is heard every semester in almost every course. Students are always questioning why a professor should have the power to penalize them for not attending class, but there are reasons. The first one is that if you sign up for that particular class they expect you to attend and do the work, be punctual and have responsibility.

Another fundamental thought of reasoning is the fact that there are over a dozen other people that may want to take that class and will show up and arrive to class each week on time. Finally after each class we are supposed to be walking away with some form of new found knowledge that the professor was trying to convey. Some students think differently about that, why should the professors worry about attendance, if they are the ones paying for the class shouldn’t that be their decision whether to attend class or not?

For an example what if a particular student misses classes frequently but hand in all the assignments and get good grades on it, should the professor penalize that student even though they know the material and is doing good in class? Shouldn’t be the student’s decision on attending class since they are aying for that class? Would it make a difference for the professor if the student was there or not? Therefore it is not only beneficial to a student’s grade point average, but also as a life skill to practice being punctual for class.

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It is also a sign of respect for to be punctual for any event whether it be a class, an interview, or even a party. When someone arrives late, it can almost be considered an insult, as if they had more important things scheduled. Being on time is not only a sign of respect, but also avoids embarrassing mishaps, such as disrupting a an entire class walking in late and trying o find a seat while class is already in session. My point of view on this is that there will always be a conflict between students and teachers on this topic.

I think that even though a student may know a little more than the other, class attendance and participation is good for us, the interaction between professor and student is very important when you are learning, and if you sign up for the class then it is because you have something you need to learn, now how do you do that if you don’t show up or are late to class? Why Should Students Be Penalized for Poor Attendance By brunitinhay2k

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