Why Should You Choose Accountancy

1 January 2017

People immediately think of figures, numbers, adding, subtracting and a big line of books. To most, accountancy is something dead, old and boring. Yet accountancy is not a boring, nor dead subject – in fact, it is one of the most exciting and challenging subject. Why should you choose accountancy? Good career prospects, stable (excellent) job market, short academic preparations and an excellent salary are just a few of the reasons why many people choose a career in accounting. Accounting careers have got a lot to offer in terms of career prospects. Accountants are always on demand and the fields or jobs that you can choose from are huge.

This means that there are lot of opportunities for having a career as an accountant and you also have a lot of career choice to choose from. Career opportunities exist in public accounting, industry, government, not-for-profit institutions, and other business-related organizations. There are many different accounting jobs and many different industries in which accounting services are vital. Almost every type of industry or job sector will need some form of accounting services, whether as part of the company of “for hire” basis. Job seekers who are looking for a career in accountancy will have a wide range of options available to them.

Why Should You Choose Accountancy Essay Example

Career opportunities exist in public accounting, industry, government, not-for-profit institutions, and other business-related organizations such as: a. Media b. Medical c. Banking and Investing d. Retail e. Commerce f. Private Accountancy Firms g. Self Employed Chartered Accountants. Jobs in accountancy careers are diverse and accountants can end up in a variety of job roles. Whether it be public, private or government the field of accounting provide a world of job opportunities. Accountancy options can include: * Finance Director * Chartered Accountant * Management Accountant * Financial Analyst Bookkeeping * Financial Auditor (Internal or External) * Tax Expert * Management Consultant * Payroll and Personal Finance Managers * Forensic Accountant * NBI Agent * Budget Analyst * Treasury Agent * Cost Analyst * Certified Financial Manager * Government Accountant * Enrolled Agent * Estate Planner * Budget Officer * Financial Analyst * Financial Planner * Franchise Tax Board Agent * Credit Manager * Certified Government Financial Manager * Government Auditor * Bank Examiner * Investment Analyst * Litigation Support * Loan Officer * General Accountant * Systems Consultant * Credit Analyst * Tax Accountant Treasurer [In fact, if you are an Accountant you can be a manager or in any positions available to a graduate of business administration, but the graduates of business administration they cannot be an accountant or be in the positions available to an accountant. ] Another reason why you should consider becoming an accountant is short academic preparation. To become a doctor, you need a bachelor’s degree plus medical school plus years of residency. To become a lawyer, you need a bachelor’s plus four years of law school. But to become an accountant, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

That’s it! You can start working straight out of college. In accounting, the best thing about it would probably be the great pay. You’ll certainly be making a healthy amount of money as an accountant! Accountants have one of the highest starting salaries in the jobs market today. Furthermore, the career path for accountants tends to follow a very straightforward, linear progression: start off as a junior accountant, then a senior accountant, then go into middle management, then go into more prestigious upper management positions (such as controller, VP of finance, partner, or even CEO of your company).

However, keep in mind that the most lucrative and sought after positions are usually reserved for those with their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation. The CPA exams are some of the toughest to pass, but once you buckle down and obtain your certification, the sky is the limit financially. As you can see; it is not surprising why accounting is a very popular career choice. Although a lot of people are considering this type of career, you can be sure that you will never run out of jobs as an accountant as there are lot of fields in accounting that you can enter. It is one of the best careers available today.

It is a career path and not just a job. The skills that you learn will apply to any career that you take. Accountancy is a profession that is as prestigious as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. In accounting, you will see that there are lot of things that you can benefit from. It will teach you on how to organize and run your own business. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs started out as accountants. [Manny Villar is one example, he is now a billionaire] Accounting wasn’t an obvious choice for me. I originally wanted into law but wanted an undergraduate degree that I could fall back on.

I choose accountancy because it seems to provide more job opportunities than that of other concentrations did. While I initially plan to follow the typical path into public accounting where I will have exposure to numerous clients and industries my future offers unlimited possibilities. Be it a partnership, a government accountant, a career in private industry as consultant, manager or officer, or my own business, I know my career will consistently offer challenges, new faces and a tremendous opportunities. Choosing a career in accounting is probably one of the best moves I did.

Maybe I am now one of the highest earners among my high school batch. If you want a challenge and you’re a goal seeker, being an accountant offers you all the opportunity in the world. Employers seek accounting professionals because of their dedication to excellence and hard work. The opportunities are endless. Accountants’ can enter virtually any line of business. Accountancy is by far the best choice that I made besides coming to University of La Salette. If you are unsure of your course to pursue, you may consider accountancy because of the many opportunities it has to offer. [Ngayon, ilan na ang gustong magpursue ng accountancy? How to be an accountant? [Siguro, iniisip nyo na kailangang magaling sa math para maging accountant]. You are definitely wrong with that, you don’t need to be a math wizard to be an accountant. As long as you know the basic, the so called MDAS [Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction] it’s enough. What you need is to have the two required skills. The first is your analytical skills and the second is your computer skills. You also need to possess a special aptitude for numbers and a close attention to detail. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy takes you five years of studies.

It is one of the most competitive and challenging course in college. So, when you pursue accountancy you need to devote time in your studies. [Sabi nga ng Dean namin – dapat 6 hours a day ka daw dapat mag-aral ng iyong lesson aside from the time of your classes. ][Situation] If you want to get ahead it is advised to take and pass the CPA Board Examination to be most marketable and commend with best salaries. Allow yourself plenty of study time to prepare for the Uniform CPA Examination. Only 25-40 percent of CPA candidates pass all seven parts. Partial credit may be given for passing at least four parts.

So, if you want to be successful and you are looking for a good career choice,accountancy can be your best choice. Especially now that the APECO is there in our place, time will come that big business entities and corporations will rise here in Aurora which offers more job opportunities for accountants. Investing in a career in accountancy will be safe bet if you are looking for a job with good career prospects and a steady source of income. As I end I want to leave you this, choosing a career to pursue is a critical decision, so consider not only your interest but consider also the job market. Once again have a nice day.

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