Why sleep is important

Why sleep is important sy utt1eMisssree Sleep is food for are Brain. Just like your body, We need the right food to help develop and support are growing body. Are 3rains go through a process every time we sleep called memory consolidation, What this does IS, When we are sleeping are brains go through everything that happened throughout our day and makes them long-term memories. If we aren’t sleeping well are brains can’t make this process happen, Which can cause memory loss. Without Sleep (Brain Food) are brains won’t be able to unction properly, lust like are body wouldn’t be able to function without the right healthy foods. Protein, fruits, veggies and don’t forget your water! ) Sleep can affect your health In many ways. Sleep affects fat regulation, If you don’t get enough sleep your body will store fat, yes store It! unlike If you get a full mght’s sleep your body will be able to know what to do with the tat when you take It In and will be able burn t. Make sure you are eating the right kinds ot tat though, coconut oil, olive oil. avocadoes. seeds, nuts… etc. Bad tats such as, Fried food, sugar, flour. argarine, and soon can store as fat even If ‘џure getting a good night sleep.

Nso not sleeping can cause you to eat too much BAD food, and to much caffeine. Your body shouldn’t rely on coffee or energy drinks to give you energy. your body should rely on sleep for energy. yes sleep! People that don’t get enough sleep has a higher percentage of getting over-weight than people who get a good night sleep every night. NM wait am minute, I’m not saying that just because you start getting a good night sleep, you’re magically going to wake up one morning with a six, pack and a fabulous butt. What I am saying though, is your body needs sleep to help fat regulation.

Can lack of sleep really put my life at risk? The answer is yes it Can! Sleep Keeps are heart healthy, Sleep interacts with Our blood vessels, so lack Of sleep has been related With vnrsening Of blood pressure and cholesterol, all risks leading to heart disease and stroke! Not sleeping can lead to Cancer! People Who work night shifts, or have late bedtimes, time after time again, have a higher percent chance Of getting Breast and/or Colon Cancer! Sleep reduces Inflammation in the body. The more stress hormones (

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