Why Stop Signs Should Not Be Red

6 June 2017

Have you ever seen a stop sign? Have you noticed the color of said stop sign? I have, and I don’t think that the color of the stop signs should be red. I believe that a brighter or more neon color should be used in replacement of the red color we are of which we are accustomed so that they signs can be seen well. Into the bargain, some people are colorblind and cannot see the red coloring. Without this ability, it would render them incapable of acknowledging the correct sign. Furthermore, the white lettering on the sign may not be visible against the possible glare of the sun.

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Why Stop Signs Should Not Be Red
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If they could not see the lettering, or even the shape of the sign, they could easily mistake the sign for another. So, though the red stop sign has been used for nearly 50 years, it may be posing a safety hazard and, frankly, is becoming out-of-date. Stop signs should use a color that is brighter and/or more neon so they can be seen better. At night, the sign would reflect better off of the lights of oncoming cars or other light-emitting materials that occupy space. If the color was more neon, the color would draw your eyes to it, making you observant of the sign.

This, however, ould present a risk as you could become distracted by the sign. If distracted, you could lose control of your motor vehicle, possibly causing harm to others. In contrast, if more people are vigilant of the sign, you would see an increase of people correctly coming up to an intersection instead of them Just blowing through claiming they, “Didn’t see the sign. ” Not only, is the color one part of my argument, colorblind people are still facing issues. Colorblind people may also wish to have the color of the stop sign changed because they may not be able to see the red color or the white lettering.

Protanopes are a type of colorblind people who have troubles with the colors gray, green, yellow, and blue. Deutaneropes are a type of colorblind people who have trouble seeing a browner shade of gray, green, yellow, and blue. Tritanopes are a type of colorblind people who have trouble seeing gray, white, red, pink, and whiter shades of these colors. 5% of men have a red-green colorblind deficiency. I believe a solution to the colorblind population would be to change the sign to a bright purple color because nearly all colorblind people can see purple.

The color for the fill of the sign is not all. Against the sun, the lettering may not be visible. My last reason for (yes, my speech is almost over) changing the color of stop signs is that the lettering may not be clearly seen against the glare of the sun. With a purple sign, orange lettering would be best because, again, nearly all colorblind people can see orange and purple (it’s not Just because they are my favorite colors). If not orange, a darker color (or a darker shade of orange) could be used to contrast the fill color so the colors and lettering could be seen well.

If you don’t think that orange would be a fantastic color then, well, disregard everything that I have said in this paragraph and please don’t talk to me. I think orange would be a good color for the purple because they contrast very well. Ultimately, the white lettering of stop signs should be changed In conclusion, stop signs should not be red with white lettering. A brightly colored or neon-colored, well, color, would work swimmingly in our environment. Also, it should be changed because the red can be difficult for most colorblind people to see.

Furthermore, the lettering and coloring could easily turn a beautiful day of a family going to Disney into a horrible day of a family going to the funeral home. So, the ideas I have will be sent to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Miley Cyrus in hopes that you will soon see a purple stop sign in your community. If not, there’s always vandalism, and they would never know who did it. By the way, I am having a secret meeting after school today (whenever I give this speech) for whoever liked my speech today and is likes painting. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus.

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