Why Students Don’t Read The Newspaper

5 May 2016

People read newspapers such as Borneo Post, The Star, News Strait Times and Berita Harian. Newspaper gives us a lot of latest information about the issues around us either in or out the country.

During break and lunch time, students and staff always take along with them a newspaper. Reading newspapers give a lot of information but only a few students read newspapers because students are not really interested with this kind of reference, as they know that they can surf news-online and they have no time to read newspaper. Firstly, almost all students are not really interested to read newspaper.

They pay more attention on magazines, novels, and books on what they are study. Students focus on what they aim. Almost all of them ignore the newspaper and read books on what they have study to complete their assignments and to get information for their research. Secondly, time is precious. Lately, students are very busy with their assignments and tasks given by their lecturers.

Besides that, they want to study to get high marks and scores in their examination. Most of them do not read the newspaper because they have no time to read it. Some students update themselves about the latest news by watching the news on the television. Besides that, they can also find out latest news from friends or people around them. Lastly, students can also get news online.

Nowadays, every café or places in the campus such as the library, labs etc, the students go have wireless internet connection which is known as the wi-fi. This gives a great opportunity to the students to get online and surf the internet easily. Reading news-online is faster than buy a newspaper. Besides that, they can read the news-online anywhere they want.

Moreover, they can save their pocket money from buying the newspaper. As a conclusion, although only a few students read the newspaper, this does not mean that they do not keep up to date with the latest news. Some of them get latest news from their lecturers, friends and also while surfing the internet.

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