Why we shouldn’t wear school IDs

6 June 2017

Sergio Lopez Sanchez. November 28 2010 Dear Principals, School Board, and Superintendent of Woodburn School District, Students should not be forced to wear their IDs during school hour. There are many reasons why students should not have IDs. Students can lose it and not find it or they can Just lose their ID forever. Some students say that IDs bother them or say that they feel like they are treated badly because they have to have them on everyday during school hours. Schools should not give students IDs for any reason.

To begin, students can either forget or lose their IDs somewhere. When we lose our IDs we get a small punishment like getting sent to the back of the line when we don’t have our IDs. For many students that isn’t fair. On the other hand to me this is a good punishment for not having your ID. Furthermore wearing IDs gets students annoyed because they are not used to wearing them.

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To me wearing a ID is like being with my little cousin since he is annoying whenever he is around. Next, students say it bothers them. Students say they can’t concentrate well when they are in class.

Others say that wearing IDs give them a hard time learning. Furthermore, others say that the IDs get on their way when they are doing activity. It’s hard to concentrate when you have an ID hanging on your neck and it’s hard to get it out of your way. IDs are similar to clowns because they try to get you distracted. IDs are also like walls that that get in your way and no matter how much you try you’ll never be able to get it out of your way. In addition most people feel that they’re getting treated like strangers when they walk down a hallway or place.

Since students don’t wear they’re IDs, teachers often et the students attention and follow them pretty much every were they go until they get to where they are supposed to be. Some people say that they feel like slaves since they have to wear their IDs during school hours. To me this makes me feel like I am an unknown person because teachers sometimes ask me for my ID. Some teachers think that a person isn’t really them even though they have their ID, with a real picture of them. So now you know why students should not have IDs. The Woodburn School District can use the ID money for other school stuff such as books, supplies, equipment etc.

As a result students can still use the IDs but in a different way. A way in which they wont have to wear them or take them home. One thing we could do is use them only when we get breakfast & lunch. Another thing we could do is get our ID from the office on the mornings and turn them in at the end of school, that way no student can forget his/her ID at home or lose their ID somewhere out of school. Since some teachers don’t like taking attendace, Sutdents getting their ID in the once can work as taking attendance. Students will Just pick up thir ID before scool. so please IDS On burn School District.

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