Wicked Soundtrack

6 June 2019

A friend introduced me to the hit Broadway musical “Wicked” and I immediately fell in love with its soundtrack. The show describes the life and times of the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West. Even if one is unfamiliar with the story, the musical talents of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth are exciting and powerful enough to hook anyone.

“No One Mourns the Wicked” starts the album with a bang! It introduces both the story and the emotional, yet humorous tone of the soundtrack. Glinda, the Good Witch, poses a question that hints at what’s to come: “Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?”

Wicked Soundtrack Essay Example

“Dear Old Shiz” sways from the pop-like tunes on the rest of the CD and uses an arrangement reminiscent of choral pieces. Here we go back to when Glinda and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch, were best friends. One of the more up-tempo pieces, “Popular,” really shows off the versatility of Chenoweth’s voice. The round style backups on top of the crystal-clear vocals and humorous lyrics make for a very entertaining song.

Probably the highlight of the album, “Defying Gravity” is the turning point of the soundtrack; the lighthearted lyrics become more emotional and powerful. The energy level is incredible and gives the listener a real rush. Elphaba announces that she will try defying gravity and cries, “So if you care to find me, look to the Western sky! As someone told me lately, ‘Everyone deserves the chance to fly!”‘

“For Good,” the stunning finale where the former best friends tell each other that because they knew one another they have been changed for good, is truly touching as they go their separate ways.

“Wicked” has something for everyone. Humor, fantastic music and a touching story are in every song. This soundtrack will leave you dying to see the musical. In the end, “Wicked” will change the listener “For Good.”

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