Wild Land Fires

4 April 2015
A discussion of the mechanisms for coping with wild land fires in the U.S.

This paper presents a detailed examination of wild land fires. Means of managing the fires, including controlled burns, the use of technology for pattern prediction and the development of protective gear are outlined.
“Americans have spent the last few months watching wild land fires burn out of control in several states. Arizona, California and Colorado have all been ravaged with devastating and extremely expensive fires that went out of control and destroyed homes, property and wildlife. While firefighters from across the nation rushed to aid the local firefighters in those areas, the public watched the coverage unfold on television news channels. Wild land fires can be devastating for many reasons. They not only cause financial devastation and property destruction but they interfere with the ecological process by destroying wildlife and plant life. This paper attempts to explore wild land fires and the steps that are being taken to lessen their damaging impact by getting them contained more quickly.”
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