Wild Swans

4 April 2015
A book review of “Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China” by Juan Chang.

This paper provides a brief book report of this novel which describes three generation of women in China between the years 1924-1978. It is based on true occurrences which happened to Chang herself, her mother and grandmother. It provides insight into the life and experiences of women in this dynamic era.
“The book begins by giving the reader a view and insight into life in China in the 1920’s through the simple device of narrating Chang’s grandmother’s experiences as a concubine to a powerful Chinese warlord and the story of her eventual escape. From the 1920’s through to the 1960’s, the history of early 20th century China and Communist China under Mao unfolds as Chang continues on her quest to chronicle the life and times of three generations of her own family. The 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s act as a setting to the life story of Chang’s mother.”

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