Wilfred Owen Poem

1 January 2017

Wilfred Owens poems illustrate how the atrocities of war can be a significant force on the outcomes of how human conflict is conveyed in his poetry. This is achieved by using a variety of poetic techniques. War can affect an individual in a multidimensional manner, affecting their perspective towards life and creating human conflict. In the poem ‘Disabled’ the quote “He’s lost his color” is symbolic of the sacrifice of the soldiers is symbolic of life.

Furthermore the poem emphasizes that war is a horrifying experience, externally crippling the individual. Finally in the quote “ Why don’t they come and put him into bed? Why don’t they come? ” Repetition is used of “Why don’t” and rhetorical question is emphasizing how he is helpless. Additionally the poem ‘Anthem for the Doomed Youth’ emphasizes that participating in war is an immense waste of the youthful life of the soldiers, and that war destroys the honor and dignity of the soldier because of human conflict.

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In the quote “ Only the stuttering rifle rapid rattle” personification, alliteration and onomatopoeia combine as methods to make war seem more brutal, violent and cruel. Furthermore in the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ conscripting in the military can lead to human conflict and eventually death. The quote “calling them from sad shires” alliteration of ‘s’ is used to soften the tone and makes the Volta change and illustrate how the death of soldiers is “calling them from sad shires. In the poem ‘Disabled’ human conflict emerges from the military because of people conscripting to the military to impress their friends. The quote “Voices… Voices of play and pleasure after day” repetition of ‘Voices’ highlights his silence and social ostracism. Furthermore in the poem ‘Disabled’ fighting in the war leads to human conflict which then can leave an individual disabled for the rest of their lives.

In the quote “For…his back will never brace” contrasts his age, because when he joined the military and fought in the war and came back ‘His back will never brace’ illustrating how he cannot move. In the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ being involved in human conflict can lead to future consequences. The quote “ Their… down of blind” uses a rhyming couplet to conclude the sonnet illustrating how the funeral is coming to an end. Furthermore in the poem ‘Anthem for the Doomed Youth’ human conflict arises when one creates a isturbance to another individual and can lead to horrific experiences.

The quote “ What passing bells… die as cattle? ” uses rhetorical question to illustrate how the soldiers ‘die as cattle. ’ In conclusion, war poems such as ‘Disabled’ and ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ represent how human conflict is conveyed by illustrating the experiences and memories of war. Wilfred Owens poems illustrate how the atrocities of war and can be a significant force on the outcomes of how human conflict is conveyed in his poetry.

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