William James

4 April 2015
A study of the life and works of William James, the founder of what we call psychology today.

This paper introduces James and explores his early personal life. It proceeds to examine his early researches and studies and shows how these are used today as the basis of psychology and philosophy studies. It looks at some of his “disciples” who grew to be the biggest names in these fields – Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung amongst others. Several of James’ writings are studied.
William James was a prominent psychologist and philosopher in the early 20th century. Presently, James’ work is outdated, but only in the sense that Galileo’s or Darwin’s work is outdated. Both Darwin and Galileo were originators in their respective fields. Their work served as a basis for many incredible discoveries and innovations in the modern world. The work of James, too, serves as a foundation for modern science. He is one of the founders of what we currently call psychology and philosophy today (Significance and Influence, 2002).

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