William Shakespeare

4 April 2015
This paper details the many different works of William Shakespeare.

This paper is an in-depth analysis and examination of the contribution that William Shakespeare made to the literary world. The author details Shakespeare’s mysterious life, including speculation as to who he may have really been. The paper covers the many different themes covered in his many plays including ambition, cruelty, justice, reconciliation, madness, betrayal and destiny that were found in Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet and Julius Caesar. The author finds that Shakespeare also used his plays to comment on political events such as in Julius Caesar, Comedy of Errors and Henry VIII. Throughout the paper the author details his masterful understanding of the human character and unparalleled mastery of the English language, a rich imagination and commentary on life in the early 18th century. Shakespeare also wrote over 150 sonnets and there is some speculation that they may have been autobiographical, but once again the author finds that there is no proof.
How is Shakespeare viewed by great figures of the theater? Shakespeare is the greatest discernible influence in the work of Orson Wells (Gottlieb 2000). a theatrical and cinematic director, actor, entrepreneur, public figure, and educational and political activist. Wells describes Shakespeare as embodying the fulfillment of almost utopian personal and sociopolitical desires, a figure of considerable stature, power and popularity, a truly great one who bridges the worlds of critical and commercial success. Shakespeare, in Wells’ mind, merges individual imagination and artistic independence with tradition and social responsibility, and emphasizes that he has that unparalleled capacity to entertain, educate, transport and ultimately unify divergent audiences, high and low. (Gottlieb)

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