William Wordsworth and the Romantic Ideals

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the life of English poet William Wordsworth, and analyzes several of his famous works.

This paper discusses the life and works of William Wordsworth, the Romantic Era poet, as well as his influence on modern society. The author analyzes his poems “Surprised by Joy”, and “The World is Too Much With Us”, and relates them to the era.
” It is clear, through examination of his writings, how Wordsworth’s ideas came to be a great influence on society. During the Romantic period, the new theories that poets expressed were controversial and misunderstood. Through understanding and societal exploration as well as innumerable social, political, and religious changes over the years, Wordsworth’s revolutionary thoughts came to be considered common sense by many and a great source of inspiration in social, political, and artistic areas of life. Many modern popular songwriters display a very similar style. The Romantic characteristics of his work are beautifully illustrated in Suprized by Joy and The World is Too Much With Us in their imaginative emotional nature as well as their focus on nature and revolutionary thought.”

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