Wilmington During The Civil War

4 April 2015
A study of the importance of the city of Wilmington, NC during the American Civil War.

This paper focuses on the significance of the city of Wilmington, NC during the Civil War. The paper briefly mentions the economic factors behind the significance of this city but primarily discusses the role of Fort Fisher and how this fort made the city of Wilmington famous during the war years.
“During the civil war, some cities played a significant role in supporting the cause of their states. While the Union army was trying to capture all Southern states in a bid to stop them from declaring independence or withdrawing from the American Confederation, some cities played a major role in at least putting up strong resistance against the Union Army. One such city was that of Wilmington in North Carolina and the importance of this city lied in its ports. It is important to understand that ports and naval ships were the best way of transporting goods and weapons from one end to another and therefore attempts were made to cut off the route so that ships wouldn’t be able to enter or leave Wilmington port.”

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