Wilmington Economy

4 April 2015
This paper sheds light on the economic performance of the city of Wilmington in the last century.

This paper traces the economic history of the city from the time of the American Civil War. It looks at the positive and negative effects that this war had on the city’s economy. Next it moves on to the influences of the two world wars on the city, followed by the post-World War II period. Today’s tourism and entertainment industries, as well as the rice and cotton markets are explored.
“Wilmington has historical significance and the city gained prominence during the Civil War due to its strategic location. The economy of this city has never performed increasingly well nor did it suffer serious blows of recession. This is because the city’s economy was largely dependent on its harbor and sea trade and this was for many years the most important source of income for this part of North Carolina. With the beginning of the 19th century, America was undergoing massive industrial revolution and this temporarily helped the city’s economy. But with two world wars and declining importance of sea trade, the economy suffered and the city lost its previous position.”

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