Penny In The Dust This short story is a recall which is about a penny given by the leading character’s father. The story begins with a funeral. After the father’s funeral, the leading character was talking with his sister and couldnt help recalling the afternoon when everyone thought he was lost. The father was a reticent man who never said “love” and was severe and humorless. So the son didnt know whether his father liked him and he even didn’t know about his father’s feeling. One day, the father gave him a penny.

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The leading character was so excited that he played It again and again through “burying and digging”. However, at the last time, he couldn’t find the penny. He was upset and desperate. To avoid these bad feelings, he slept in the bed for a long time which made the whole family thought that he was missing. After the finding, the father talked to this Imaginative child he never knew about. Though the talk, the father knew his son’s love and hope which affected the father deeply. At the same time, the son knew the father’s love through his worry and hurry.

At last, the ather put the recovered penny back in his own jacket and kept it for a life time. It’s a touching narration. We all moved by the love between the father and the son. Through the “penny accident”, the father and his son cleared up their misunderstanding of each other. They both knew each other’s love and care. They continued their love and care to each other for the whole life. In one word, penny in the dust Is not only a penny given by the father, but also the father-son love. In our life, we always meet with person who Is introvert.

They may never say their feelings bout you, but they may help and care you quietly. But as long as we open our heart and be more patient, we can know more about others. unit Six: The Last Leaf This short story is about the last leaf draw by an old

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artist for Johnsy. Johnsy and Sue were both artists who moved into Greenwish Village in New York City. As winter approached and the weather got colder, Johnsy was severely attacked by “Mr. Pneumonia” which was very dangerous and had caused many deaths. She became so sick and sensitive that she believed when the last leaf felt off the ivy vine outside the indow, she would die.

While the leaves went with the cold wind one after another, Johnsy was counting the leaves left on the tree and waiting for her death. But however fiercely the wind swept and however hard the rain beat, the last leaf still cling to the stem, which restored Johnsys desire for life. And at last, she wined the final victory and recovered. But one of her friends, an old artist dies after being ill for only two days on a cold rainy night. Finally, Johnsy knew the truth that the old artist drew the last leaf for her which caused the Illness.

This story is about both Joys and sorrows. At first, Johnsy was overwhelmed with desperate and negative Ideas. She even connected herself with the ivy leaves. But Johnsy recovered at the cost of the death of the kind old artist. The old man was so kind-hearted that he drew the leaf care and sacrifice he gave and we are also sad for the old man’s death. But Just because of this, the author, Henry is famous all over the world and he will never fail to give you a reasonable but surprising answer at the end of the story which attracts millions of readers.

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