Windshield Survey

10 October 2016

The student body has a total of 954 students which is 62% more than the average for all Louisiana schools. The student dropout rate is 6. 8% with a graduation rate of 67. 3%. WINDSHIELD SURVEY 3 The faculty has 60 full-time teachers, which is moderately more than the average for all Louisiana schools. The student to teacher ratio is 16. 2:1, which is 6. 6% higher than the average for all Louisiana schools. The teachers have mostly a Bachelor’s degree with 75% having greater than five years of teaching experience.

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There are a rising number of teachers having a Master’s or Doctorate degree with one to five years of teaching experience. A public library sits at the corner of Ambassador and Erras-Landry. The library is a part of the larger service offered by the Lafayette Parish Consolidated Government’s Public Library System. The town’s public library is connected electronically to the main Public Library System and receives book resources by loan if a specific book is not readily available. (3) Senior Care

Abbeville offers three sitter services, one home health agency and one nursing home. The nursing home includes normal residency, skilled nursing care and an Alzheimer’s unit. There are several doctors’ offices and clinics within the township, who accept Medicare reimbursement. The Cajun Area Agency on Aging offers many services to help seniors stay in their home: Alzheimer’s education/referral/support, advocacy, food and meals, medication assistance, pharmaceutical assistance, ombudsman program, recreation and leisure activities, transportation, and utilities assistance.

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