Wine And War

4 April 2015
A review of the book by Don and Petie Kladstrup.

The paper reviews the book ” Wine And War: The French, The Nazis, And The Battle For France’s Greatest Treasure by husband and wife authors Don and Petie Kladstrup. The paper shows how the Kladstrups discuss the fact that that wine is the sun around which the French’s world revolves, especially around the time of World War II. The Kladstrups support this thesis by telling the stories of French families who were famous for their wine making and the portrayal of the dedication of these families by hiding their wine and vineyards from the Germans and the Weinfuhers (Germans, who were sent by Hitler, to collect the wine from the French people), risking life or imprisonment.
The Rothchilds owned a wine estate called Lafite. This was a coveted piece of property for the Germans. The Vichy Government, a French regime sympathetic to the Germans, had seized many Jewish estates for the Germans. They were reluctant to do that with Lafite. In order to prevent the Germans from getting their hands on Lafite, the estate became the property of the French state for the remainder of the war. The Germans still set up headquarters on this property and the Rothschilds fled. Arrangements were made that the bookkeeper would oversee Lafite while the Rothschilds were gone. The bookkeeper convinced neighbors to hide Lafite;s best bottles with their own wine. The bookkeeper also transferred ownership of the wine from the Rothschilds, who had fled, to the Rothchilds, who were taken prisoners by the Germans while they served in the French army. The Geneva Convention says that the property of prisoners of war cannot be touched.
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