Wing Chun

1 January 2017

In great words of the Great Grandmaster IP man and the teacher of Bruce Lee. “A good Kung Fu system will not discriminate between large and small, male or females” Protect yourself all times. (Reveal Your Topic) The notion of distinguishing ‘fine’ art, this is not an audio or visual but one of the body: a martial art. II. (Establish Credibility) Wing Chun one the best known close range martial arts in Hong Cong china. Transition: First of All, I. The History of how Wing Chun was invented A. Who invented the martial art style? 1. The five kung Fu masters . Shaolin Temple; The Buddhist temple, the birth place of all martial arts 3. Manchurian Government forbidden martial arts B. Why was the Wing Chun developed? 1. Manchurian Government forbidden martial art 2. Had to be learned quickly and efficiently. 3. Had to better and devastatingly against the Manchurian’s men C. How the name Wing Chun was discovered? 1.

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out of the five masters, one escape named Nu Mui that was a nun 2. A child named wing chug that was being bullied. 3. Wing Chun’s husband named it after her after being taught by her Transition: Secondly, II.

What does Wing Chun brings to the fighters. A. Wing Chun is an extremely effective and simple combative/defense-system that can be learned quickly. 1. Does not pit force against force unlike others. 2. Nor require extremely body flexibility nor stamina 3. Suitable for most ages, genders, and weight groups. B. Wing Chun teaches students how to escape 1. Grabs/holds 2. From fighting from floors. Transition: Last of All but Most Importantly, III. So many famous martial artists have taken this skill Wing Chun and became the best. 1. Yip Man a. k. a IP man have master the skill and thought the famous Bruce Lee. IPman I and IPMan II great documenties. 2. Bruce Lee that was thought Wing Chun and added more styles to the system and renamed it Jeet Kune Do. 3. Jackie chan 4. Jet li 5. Donnie Yeun ( The author of IPman 1 and II) 6. Michelle Yeon Conclusion Fighting isn’t always the answer the solution when solving a problem with someone. But if you had I would prefer this style. Just think No more grabbing, holding, climbing and rolling over each other. And maybe so if you serious and dedicated like these famous actors were you might be as fast as this video clip. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=Llxqpq4SkIo

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