Winners Never Quit

5 May 2017

Are you ready to get success in whatever the goal you have set? Are you ready to achieve your dream with confidence and commitment? Do you really want to achieve what you dreamt for? It does not matter what you want to achieve but willpower and importance of your dream in your life are matter for achieving of goal. Winners never quit and Those Who Quit Never Wins In the 1968 Olympics, John Stephen Akhwari of Tanzania started the race with the rest of the runners. However, he was alone when he reached the finishing line after the winner broke the inish line only a handful of viewers left in the stadium.

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Winners Never Quit
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Later, a reporter took his interview and asked why he didn’t quit like the rest of the runners since the winner has already broken the finish line. He answered “My country did not send me to the Olympics to start the race; they sent me here to finish it. ” If we imply the same phenomenon in our life too, the key of success is that we should not quit Just because of one has finished the race, we must keep on moving and learning with our own experiences, it would definitely make us able to improve and un the race in better and stronger way next time.

Most of the people do put their firm endeavours to move in the direction of their aims. However many people failed because of choosing an easier option that is quitting. Failure makes only procrastinate to success but quitting widens the gap between one and his aim or goal which becomes almost impossible for him to achieve. Quitting too much in the long run can turn oneself into an escapist. We always tend to work on our own comfort zones.

The world would not be advanced because f those people who never thought of quitting when things do not turn out as what they have initially planned. Thomas A Edison discovered 10,000 ways. That ways did not work when he tried to invent the light bulb. He could have quitted long ago but never let his efforts down. He says: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ” With a persistent attitude, we would be able to accomplish anything.

As it is being said “sweat never goes in waste”, any endeavour even if leading to a ailure is the first step of reaching to success, one must not get disappointed by the strong winds of hard times, but must have killer instinct to fght with it and be triumphant. Failure is never permanent until the day we decide to quit and give up. Someone truly said “It’s never too late”. So why to bother about the future pros and cons? A let go- attitude is required to give the boost to our own endeavours and must have pledge to accomplish our task with proud and dignity. Winners Never Quit By rsruthi

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