Winter Days

11 November 2018

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Winter Days
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The 2 steps of teaching a 3 year old how to ski is teach them Pizza and French Fries. Then it moves to the turning by moving the knees. My winter days consist of watching kids go down a mountain. It makes my day happy and unforgettable because I’m with co-workers and supervisors that are my friends that act like my family. The best thing about my job is the kids, just seeing and watching their faces turn from scared to having fun makes my day. During school I have to deal with the drama of my classmates, but when I’m in the work area I toss those thoughts aside and focus on my talents.

The people at my workplace all have different identities, but we all have something in common. We all love what we do. We have regular lessons, children lessons, or snowboard lessons. I, of course, work with children because I love how they show smiles and their laughter to you when they are having fun. People say that I work well with kids because I have a personality that is just like a kid: playful, excitement, and imaginative. My supervisor always picks me to do the lesson because as a person he knows that I am more entertaining and fun than all the other instructors. Even though the job is fun, it does get tiring after a while, but it’s worth it in the end. It was good to apple for this job because you have somewhat of an advantage with dealing and also teaching yourself how to handle kids from different ages. It makes it worth it to have this job because you can have more experience when you are older by having an early advantage.

But there are also some difficult cases where a child is scared or doesn’t listen. Sometimes it is hard and scary for 3 or 6 year olds to ski. Especially when they are fragile and can break their bonesOne day there was this girl who was about 4 years old and she hasn’t been on skis before. My supervisor called me over since the little girl wanted a girl instructor. I got down to her level as I knew she was somewhat shy because she wouldn’t look at me in the eye for a while. She was scared because she thought that we would just let her go and get hurt but I wouldn’t let that happen. I know how to deal because I’m used to these kinds of kids. The girl was still scared but she got easier to work with from time to time. You just have to go slow with it and not rush.

One of the weekends we were teaching, I was with a group of five children. The kids all knew how to ski on Big Magic, which is what we call “the 2nd level”. We were done with the lesson when my supervisor called for me to come to lineup on the radio. I got all the parents to their children as I made my way to lineup. I came up to my supervisor and he spoke, “Emily, these people said they had you two years ago when you taught their son” I remembered the faces and I still know the son’s name. I was amazed that they remembered me even though they hadn’t been to the mountain for two years.

Teaching kids how to ski is a talent my family members have inside of us. My sister and brother had this job also but they were different instructors. This kind of talent is something that will make me more intelligent and more responsible in the future. With this kind of experience that I had for at least three going on four years, I believe that I am capable of having the challenge for taking care of kids in the future. I always put on a smile whenever I’m teaching kids and when I’m talking to customers that are having trouble finding their way. I am helpful to anyone who is in need of help.

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