Wiped Out! by The Neighbourhood

10 October 2019

Calling all young angsty teenagers! An album you will relate to has just arrived! This album is called Wiped Out! by a British band known as The Neighbourhood. Most widely known for their song Sweater Weather which peaked #1 for Billboard’s top 100 for U.S. alternative music. However, this music is quite different from the mellow, yet catchy beat of Sweater Weather. After listening to the album, I can fully confirm that Wiped Out! is one of the greatest masterpieces ever released by The Neighbourhood or any other alternative artist. By far my favorites songs off the album are Single, Cry Baby, and Daddy Issues. I feel as if though these songs, along with many others on the album, provide a story-line to follow throughout the song, and very easily paint a picture in your mind. These songs are also very relatable, giving the listener a way to take the lyrics and position them so they relate to their life in one circumstance or another. Being an alternative album, it also faces topics such as depression, death, assault and other quite negative topics. However, this isn’t such a bad thing, because the music shows that life isn’t always perfect and it relates back to so many people who aren’t content with their lives and are in very uncomfortable positions in their life. This album demonstrates reality and doesn’t sugarcoat things at all. This is why I urge everyone to give this album or any songs within it a quick listen, for many will agree with what I said and might actually enjoy listening to it too.

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