1 January 2017

Acquiring knowledge is no guarantee of practical, useful application. Wisdom implies a mature integration of appropriate knowledge, a seasoned ability to filter the inessential from the essential. ” –Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman To obtain wisdom one must have good judgment, pure confidence, and knowledge.

When a person has obtained these three traits then and only then, will a person experience true wisdom. Even though these three traits seem to be easily obtainable most people will never truly experience wisdom. These traits are difficult to obtain individually, but can be obtained by following a few steps. The first step in obtaining wisdom is possessing good judgment. One must use their analytical skills to have good judgment.

Wisdom Essay Example

By analyzing each scenario a person is able to arrive at a positive conclusion. For example, when a person is offered drugs that person must think in their minds what drugs are capable of causing. If that person can think of anything negative then the decision should be easy. Understanding the difference between good and bad is not always as simple as it may seem. There are times people do not use any judgment at all. There are cases where people go with their gut feeling.

For example, if a person hates somebody that person is capable of making an error judgment. This can occur if a person does not analyze the consequences of their actions. Therefore good judgment can only be obtained if the person is knowledge able the situation. I feel that in order to have wisdome you have to have an undertanding about the topic and also wisdom is agined though age and as well as expericence and how well you can relate your wisdom to someone else.

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